Jolt Marketing Group

Posted on October 11, 2012

Dexterity Clients

Jolt Marketing Group was a consultancy established in partnership with Dexterity Media International. As a consultant of clientele’ for D.M.I. I developed social media strategy and execution for their clients as well as clients of my own.

Dexterity Media International was a world-class online marketing agency with clients ranging from small business to big business.

D.M.I. gave me an opportunity to put action behind everything I conceptualized and thought about online marketing years prior. I began working with Dexterity Media in 2008 and was responsible for social media strategy, content creation, community interaction, initiation, and execution.

2008 was the year when many businesses finally began taking social media seriously. They saw the impact it was having on the Presidential election, plus companies such as Dell, McDonald’s, and Starbucks. Being involved in client work in social media in 2008 was an interesting experience. If you can remember back that far, you’d know that Myspace was on top of the world, Facebook was just beginning to rise, Twitter was virtually unknown, and YouTube was still privately owned. I consider these tidbits to be very important, because they speak to my experience. I’ve seen and have partaken in social media on all levels from the very BEGINNING! I’m no newcomer. I’m a veteran in this game!

At Jolt Marketing Group I set forth to create exciting and engaging content for clients and spread that content through their social media networks as well as other applicable outlets on the web providing traffic back to our client’s websites where systems were set in place to drive a sale, provide a promotion, or take other similar actions.